Sunday, May 11, 2014

How Fortunate

Mother's Day and Eat Anything You Want Day happily coincided this year.  

Here's what I started with:

An Aphrodite (pomegranate and orange... and vodka)

My favorite grilled octopus and calimari (I had to share with Handy and Ernest).

Gyro with fries.  Handy helped with the fries, too.

I forgot what this was called.  
Cucumber and lime.  And vodka.  
Ernest's hand is not indicating the size of the glass.  
He's just gesturing over something unrelated.

Afterwards we stopped by Frank's work (he is a barista now) 
for a cooling non-alcoholic beverage.

There's still dinner to come.


Jen said...

Looks lovely! Have a great day!

Common Household Mom said...

It all looks luscious.

Even if it's not intentional, his hand does make the glass look huge.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

THAT looks like a good day!