Friday, June 13, 2014

Homer Says Thank You

As we progressed through the long list of possible problems with special diets and other meds, it became clear that it had to be something else.  Homer's biopsies came back with the not-surprising results that he has small-cell lymphoma.  As the vet said, if a cat's going to get cancer it's not the worst kind.  Chemo every 3 days, prednisone twice a day.

He had his first doses this morning.  He seems a little ancy right now, going in and out a lot for no reason, but he was glad the goop was in smaller quantities than last week's ulcer meds!

We had a choice of flavor for the meds, fish or beef.  Why not bacon, Homer wondered?  He's not a fan of fish, so it is beef flavor for now.

He was also glad I gave up on giving him that dog-awful diet food!  One of his favorite games has been to try to get into the good stuff in the cupboard.

Well, says Homer, time to settle down for the morning's nap. Thanks for your support!


Common Household Mom said...

I hope Homer does well with the treatment. Giving a cat medicine is about the most difficult thing in the world to accomplish.

My aunt's cat is getting some medicine (antibiotics, maybe?) which she administers by rubbing on the cat's ear.

Why not bacon flavor, indeed?

Jenny Hart Boren said...

Dang, Homer! Feel better soon, buddy.

I have my own thoughts about advanced medical care for pets, but I will say that I have medicated mine by smearing the goo on the tops of kitty's feet and front legs. Even the nastiest stuff is thoroughly licked off. Just don't let another cat help!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Oh, I didn't know anything was going on! (Bad internet friend)
Poor Homer! (Poor YOU!!)
Hope the meds make both of you better. ♥