Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Mom Cave

The whole house is not my cave, just a room or two full of books, plus unused art, craft and sewing supplies.

I think I might prefer a Tiki Bar. Oh so coincidentally, there is a (wine) Tiki Bar in my small town!

Beloved Niece and I went there for my birthday. These are my own lousy cell phone pictures but I love the atmosphere. 

So. Anyone want to join me in the Tiki Bar Cave?  

Amazon has the classes and drink umbrellas and even straws that look like bamboo!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

A tiki bar in your mom cave? That sounds SO perfect! Genius idea!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

That looks like a very cozy place to go for a drink!
And a room with unused craft and sewing supplies? [raises hand] Guilty as charged, your Honor!

Not sure how I managed to miss this post before, aside from the crazy end-of-school year game of catch-up my teenager was playing for his online Spanish class. (He squeaked by with a barely passing grade.)