Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Signs of Fall

Fall in my 'hood is mostly hot, gradually cooling off to more reasonable temps.

So we've ranged from 105 down to 70.

Minor hopes for rain did not pan out.

This colorful dragonfly graces the back fence at my M-I-L's residence.

The coffee house's scarecrow looks suspiciously like the Frank we know and love.

These didn't last long.

Tasty fall food. The classic scalloped potatoes. Still using the recipe from my childhood cookbook. 


Common Household Mom said...

I love that pumpkin!

All our snickers are gone, too. Sob!

Gary's third pottery blog said...


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I can't imagine a pumpkin lasting in 100 degree heat!
If that is your homemade scalloped potatoes, I will choose it over the Snickers bars. That's how much I love homemade scalloped potatoes!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

This was a comfort post for certain!