Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sights on Sunday

I think we'll see the usual sights around here today.

That poor barbecue...this was it 2 and a half years ago,

The husband kept patching it...and patching it...

finally I saw some new ones at Costco

and he brought this baby home so today he will inagurate it.

I like the new one because of the cutting board shelves...he won't have to put his paraphernalia on the chairs or ground.

Enjoy your day!


Jodi Anderson said...

That is one sweet grill. I really like it. I like all of the space, the counters, and that it's not fancy-schmancy. Know what I mean?

Mmmmm, enjoy!!

Jen on the Edge said...

Your new grill is fan-cee! I'm thinking your next step will be to build an outdoor kitchen, complete with a stone fireplace/grill. :-)

smalltownmom said...

My handy husband is quite old-school....wood only, no propane.

yogurt said...

Don't let my husband see this, please.

Katie said...

That's a pretty familliar scene around our house too. Hope you had fun w/ the new grill!