Monday, August 22, 2011

Cool Summer Supper

I don't know if I can ever top the Ill-Tempered Mutated Sea Bass, but I made this a few days earlier and it was another winner!

Although I can never quite manage to follow a recipe bag of shrimp was a little bigger and I had 4 ears of corn. Also, I wasn't going to go out to buy "crab boil" or Old Bay Seasoning which another version offered as an alternate. I just tossed in some seasoned salt (it was another Emeril recipe so at least I stayed in the family).

The dressing had a nice bite to it.

What's your favorite cool summer meal? I need ideas!!


Jodi Anderson said...

Now I am REALLY hungry. It looks delicious.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

BLTs, baby. With local slabs of bacon and garden fresh tomatoes.