Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Looking Up: Courthouse

A long time while ago, I did some posts on looking up...but then I forgot about the subject until the other day.

While touristing walking around the Santa Barbara courthouse last week, I remembered to look up. I saw...

a giant Fiesta flag.

a balcony to nowhere. Why is it there? Another visitor thought an opera singer should just appear up there and burst out into song.

many staircases. I love staircases. Just not climbing them.

So I was very happy that the elevator to the clock tower was working. The last time I was there, on a field trip with Ernest, we had to use the stairs.

There, I had to look out.

And down.

What a gorgeous day.


T.J. said...

That balcony is so curious! It certainly does look like someone should be singing off of it. Maybe there is some pretty cool history behind it.

Anonymous said...

HH missed the memo on that one, didn't he?
Up is NOT his thing.

EllyMae said...

Hi! I was just surfing blogs & ran into yours. Your pics of Santa Barbara are beautiful & I enjoyed them because my son and his family just moved to Vandenberg AFB! My little grand daughter told me that it doesn't snow or rain out there! ( She had only been there about a week!) She was VERY impressed with the weather, understandably , cause they were previously stationed in Minot, ND. Thanks again for the pretty pictures!! Elly in WV

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

LOVE this! I am very intrigued by the balcony to nowhere -- very Mrs. Winchester.


smalltownme said...

EllyMae, thanks for stopping by. Warn your granddaughter that we will have some rain in the winter!

Susan said...

Love Santa Barbara - you've made me think back to a long ago visit...