Friday, November 20, 2015


1.  Glasses.

Do you see something wrong with these glasses? I do. The optician didn't. They are so crooked I can't see out of them. I don't feel like making the long drive back right now so I am wearing the old ones for the time being.

2. Feedly.

Do you click on the "What's New" when you update your apps? I don't. Apparently I should, because Feedly don't work no more.


3. Noise.

Well, that sign was a joke. We stated at a reasonably priced Best Western in Long Beach last weekend. The original room was directly over the ballroom, which was pumping out loud ethnodisco music. The replacement room was slightly better, but had both street noise and freeway noise. That's easier to ignore.


Cassi said...

Do you have crooked ears, like I do? My glasses are always doing that, although usually the optician does manipulate the ear pieces a bit to make them less crooked :-)

Jenny Hart Boren said...

Don't despair! No trip to the optician needed. I buy lots (like, LOTS) of inexpensive readers, which I wear all day because my stupid expensive bifocals are fine for TV or driving but useless for everything else! Anyway--I too, have ears that are just a bit out-of-level and every single pair needs to be adjusted. But you can easily do it yourself; most plastic frames are bendy enough that by holding the glasses in both hands and applying a bit of twisty pressure on the temples, you can raise or lower both sides to match the height of your ears. It's hard to picture, but the lower ear needs the temple to come DOWN, and the higher ear needs the temple to come UP. Then they will be level across your face! (You'll immediately know if you need to reverse the process, because they will look WORSE if you did it backwards. Just bend them the other way, boom! Fixed.)

smalltownme said...

Yes! I do. And I think the guy adjusted the wrong side.

smalltownme said...

These are $500 glasses, after insurance, so I'm not going to bend them like beckham myself.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I would hope the optician tries again????