Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I brought these home from another class and Frank thought they were coasters. That's not a bad use for them. But then I need to make a few more for a complete set!

The top one had a template (pre-strung in zentangle talk). 

The second was freehand. I looked at the sample and thought, no way, I can't get that shape right. But you know, one step at a time, broken down, and look what a success it was.

It's just a good reminder. 

Starting a new job for the first time in many years, and at age 55 to boot, well, it's my favorite job out of all my jobs but still, there are things I must learn how to do. Little steps, small pieces, and it all comes together. How to ship a book. How to put a book on hold that is already in stock. How to open the store. (You have to count all the pennies!) What do you do when you accidentally lose a puzzle box in that mysterious black hole where two bookcases join at right angles. (The owner told me they had a live bird fly down into one of those spaces, so I don't feel so bad about just a jigsaw puzzle). 

It's just delightful when people I know come into the store, like my 6th grade teacher. After 40+ years she still remembers how much I liked to read. I remember she gave me an award for reading 100 books during the school year.


slow panic said...

That sounds like a wonderful job. I'm looking for a job. You inspire me that I'll find something.

Common Household Mom said...

That's beautiful art work.

That's incredible that you saw your 6th grade teacher. I don't think I would remember my 6th grade teachers.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I like how content you sound in this post.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

You drew these???? Amazing! You should do a book. I'm totally unable to draw but so happy that coloring has become a "thing" for adults.