Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Blog names.

Some bloggers have really great pseudonyms for their family:

Drunken Housewife and her Sober Husband
The Twat
Petite's Tadpole
Mooselet's Hermit, Teen, and Tween

Now, I like the sound of Handy Husband, because he really is one. I was toying with Frank and Ernest for the kids, because the older one is pretty frank, and the younger one is earnest. I've also called them Alphadog, Betadog, and Gammadog. But I don't think they would like being called dogs on a regular basis. Or I could use their real names...I don't think I'm going to write anything incriminating. Maybe embarassing.

Maybe my one regular reader can weigh in here...


aliangchen said...
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Echo said...

I sort of like Frank and Ernest. It does rather sum up their personalities. I like Handy Husband. You could shorten it to H.H. Then it could be Handy Husband, Hunky Husband, Heidi's Husband... anyway you get my drift.

Mooselet said...

Handy Husband is good, because you could shorten it to HH in your posts - saves typing!

I've found people here in Australia refer to their kids as Master/Miss insert-age-here. So my kids would be Miss 15, Master 11, Miss 3 and... well Clive is only 6 weeks old, but you get the idea. This is handy because as they age all you have to do is change the number. I've painted myself into a corner with my names - what do I do when the Tween is a teenager?