Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Things Come in Threes

Three has always been my favorite number. But sometimes misfortunes come in threes.

1) We've been having a cold spell, down to 18 at night. Warnings about pipes freezing, which we did not heed. Sunday morning, no water. It thawed out around 10, just as we decided to go out to breakfast. Monday morning, leaking water under the sink. Possibly unrelated to the freeze. Handy Husband replaced a waterline, then noticed that the faucet hose was also leaking. Time for a trip to the nearest Home Depot for a new faucet. 20 miles away. Yes, I truly am a small town mom. Hey, that's three things already.

2) Senior Son and a friend worked all weekend on a history project, a film featuring stop-motion animated army men. Everything worked, they burned the DVD, played it and it stopped 2/3 way through. Many burnt DVDs later, we could not solve the problem. It took hours to load the program and various files on the new laptop, so he could take the laptop to school the next day.

3) The third and worst thing that happened is that the coffeemaker died. Fortunately I had a backup, a cheapo model from our "guest suite." Life without coffee is unimaginable. I told Younger Son (have to think of a better blog name for him) he could take it apart. He likes to tinker. But it was held together with a strange screw: not flat, not phillips, not even allen wrench. The slot was triangular. So I let him bash it apart with a mallet instead. He had great fun, and is now an expert on how coffeemakers work.

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