Thursday, September 04, 2008

Brave Little Volunteers

My brave little flower had a second blossom today! But I didn't have my camera.

Which reminds me of my volunteer tomato plant. I've been meaning to pay tribute to it.

One day in May, I noticed a teeny tiny plant in a neglected planter on the patio. Squinting closely at it, I realized it was a tomato plant. How did it get there? I vowed to water it faithfully and see what would happen.

This is in July. Wow!

Fried Green Tomatoes, anyone?

Look at these lovelies.

The first ones picked about 2 weeks ago (mid-August).

We've had tomato-based deliciousness for several weeks. Caprese. BLTs. Salad after salad. No, I haven't made salsa. Maybe this weekend. Mmmmmm. There are still over 20 left on the vine, but I'm not taking a picture because the leaves are drying out and it won't be pretty.

I'm just thrilled I didn't kill it because I am not a great (ha, not even good) gardener. So it's a VERY brave volunteer to show up in my yard!


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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

They're gorgeous!

Vanessa said...

Oh I love fresh grown tomatoes! I've never been successful growing them myself, but have become very good friends with neighbors who grow them. I'll trade you fresh basil for your tomatoes and we can make caprese, deal?

Noodle said...

Mmmmm. Did you make fried green tomatoes? I looove them!

Louise said...

What an exciting surprise! Good job on keeping it alive. I have a really hard time keeping anything alive that's in a pot.

Nora said...

Now I want salsa. My one tomato plant produced ONE tomato this year.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I totally want fried green tomatoes right now. Totally.

Awesome photos. I love seen how folk's gardens grow.

dkuroiwa said...

okay...fried green tomato party at your house ASAP!!! oh yummmm!!
I do love me some fresh tomatoes...warm off the vine...I think I'm about to cry!! :-D