Friday, September 26, 2008


Last night we saw the Raconteurs. A woman climbing up to her seat stopped to take a cell phone call. "I'm at the Bowl. I'm seeing" Ma'am? Here's your pronunciation guide: rac·on·teur [rak-uhn-tur; Fr. ra-kawn-tɶr] –noun, plural -teurs; a person who is skilled in relating stories and anecdotes interestingly.

It took a bit of logistical planning to get us all to the same place. In the morning Frank dropped the HH at work, then went on to school. In the afternoon I picked up Frank's friend Kyle (of stage band fame, often known as my middle child) at the high school, Ernest at the middle school, and then Jeff at work. We were supposed to meet Frank in front of a Borders in the downtown big town. But Frank took a wrong turn somewhere and parked 3 blocks away. We eventually located him, had dinner, and sent him and Kyle on their way, hoping that they could navigate on their own to the venue and find a parking place.

As we settled in our seats, we were surrounded by a swarm of moths. Two of them got intimate on the bench next to me. Later I saw them on the shirt collar of the man in front of Ernest. Still intimate, they ended up looking like one moth with a head at either end, like a pushme-pullyu.

[Whoa, did I get sidetracked.] We saw Frank and Kyle walk into the general admission area and they got standing room right next to the stage. It was fun to spy on Frank from a distance until it got too crowded! I think I spotted him once when the lights were on the audience...everyone was dancing around and one person was standing still. That would be Frank.

The show was great. If you're not familiar with the Raconteurs, you might recognize the name Jack White (from the White Stripes). We were supposed to see the White Stripes a year ago, but the concert was cancelled because Meg White (is she his sister or his ex-wife?) had anxiety. (The Raconteurs have a better drummer.)

Here's a nice close-up of Jack:

The guy in front of me was a big fan (not the man with the moths). With lots of head bopping and air guitar, I'm glad he didn't spill his two beers! It was a great show...the opener was The Kills who we (old fogies) had never heard of but they were pretty good.

The only downer was when we got back to the car, we found the driver's side mirror smashed off. $550 for a replacement. Ouch. That made the evening a little pricier than I anticipated.


Vanessa said...

I love the Raconteurs so much! Meg is the one who gave me the confidence to plunge into the idea of being a kick ass drummer chic. I've since found piano is maybe more me, but still love drums. Sorry about the mirror, that sucks.

Mary Alice said...

Ohhhh my son would be jealous. He would love to see them in concert. What a bummer about the mirror.