Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Civic Duty

I know at least 84 people who did not get to watch the inauguration, because we appeared for jury duty today.

And yes, I am now on the jury. Doing my civic duty.

I guess I'll catch up on the festivities over the weekend. See you later.


Mom on the Run said...

Me, too, but I was out by noon because we had a really idiotic guy who represented himself in a lawsuit he brought for an accident that happened five years ago. He wanted "pain and suffering".

I don't have to go back tomorrow, but I might on Thursday.

There will be reruns ad nauseum, you won't miss a thing. Watch CSPAN, they run the whole thing over and over without commercial interruption or incessant blabbing.

Vanessa said...

You did your good deed. Everything should be on youtube if you don't want to wait for the weekend. Either way, you should watch, it was monumental. Obama just exudes hope and unity.

Jen on the Edge said...


Louise said...

Excellent planning on the part of the county. Yes, you can see it play over and over, but history was made in so many ways today. I watched it online with over a million others. The world has never been like this.

The Guider said...

That sucks, but well done for playing your part in the justice system.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you missed all the festivities live and in person, but you were doing a very important job.