Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Homes Tour

Welcome, if you're here from Jen on the Edge's Holiday Home Tour. Welcome if you're not, too!

If not a day late, I may be a dollar short in the decorating department, but here's what we've done so far.

We got the tree last weekend. We went out to breakfast at the Longhorn, and planned to get the tree at a nearby lot afterwards. It started raining while we were there, so we went home. Two miles away, there was no rain. The road was dry. We turned around and went back...still raining! So we got the tree in the rain! Parked as close as we could, ran to the lot, pointed to a tree and said "that looks like a nice one!" Fastest tree selection ever! But it really was a nice one. Frank and Ernest got it set up.

It's smaller than it looked in the lot. Oh, well.

Mr. Thomas visited later in the week and thought the tree needed more ornaments. Especially SpongeBob ornaments.

Most of the gifts are wrapped.

A few decorations are out.

The Handy Husband even put out some lights!

What's not done is:

I have no wreath. My local boy scout neglected to call me to sell me the traditional boy scout fundraising wreath. Darn you, Mr. Scout! I rely on you for that!

I have no cards. I was going to have photo cards made, but I could not find a photo of all of us. There were no photos of Husband and I together, either. So I have let time trickle away on that one. Maybe New Year's Cards?

I have no decorations in the other room, even though the box is sitting open. Maybe this weekend.

Here's last year's tour.


alison said...

Everyone could use more Spongebob ornaments. It's a beautifully shaped tree, and looks wonderful with decorations.

Jen on the Edge said...

Spongebob ornaments are what make it Christmas. :-)

barbra said...

I like your tree. We picked ours out in record time this year, too!

Badness Jones said...

I love your snowglobes and nutrackers! And shiny packages tied up with red ribbon always look festive.

bdaiss said...

More Spongebob! :)
We're totally behind on our cards this year as well. I think I'll be playing the "stand there and pose and you'll like it!" game tomorrow morning to hurry it along.

Thanks for sharing! I love to see everyone's holiday decor!

Lacey Bean said...

We only have a scout wreath since my fiance is an eagle, and we got guilt tripped into buying one haha. Before that I had a Martha Stewart wood and sparkle wreath that I loved. :)

Susan said...

I love the stacked up gifts - so pretty.

Pretty Things said...

I love it all! Did you see the white tree that Zack insisted we put up (again) this year?

jenn said...

You're way farther along than I am! That's such a pretty tree.