Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Working on my Wreath

I am hard[ly] at work on my Recession Wreath (can I trademark that, Cheri?) and its adjunct, the Recession Tree.

But they may not be ready in time for Jen's Holiday Home Tour. Heck, the rest of my house may not even be ready. Some of you wonderful overachievers may be decorated already, but since my husband's birthday is the 17th, we are in birthday mode till then. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it. (And no, the cake is not planned yet.)

But I am working on the Christmas. It doesn't help that I am the only one decorating the tree (the real tree, not the Recession Tree). Ernest hung one ornament, after this exchange.

Would you please put something on the tree?
Maybe this weekend...
What's your favorite ornament?
I like the Cheshire Cat.
So go hang it.
I'll do it on the weekend.
[Mom digs in the box.]
Here. Do it now.

I swear, would holidays even happen if I weren't around????


Jen said...

Overachiever? For buying a tree on the 12th, decorating it by letting the kids throw ornaments at it and see what stuck, and passing off Daleks as decorations???

Can't wait to see your wreath...I thought of making one but haven't had time to get anywhere crafty to get what I'd need.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

No. They would not happen if you weren't around.

This year I embraced doing the tree alone--it was better than getting annoyed at the lack of help. And really? It didn't suck.

Fannie said...

I decorated the tree alone too. Kids gone, Saint out-of-town. Blech.

Susan said...

I almost gave up on teen daughter and decorated the tree alone but she finally stayed home long enought to participate. she is the one who insisted she wanted to help...

Otherwise, no. There would be no Christmas without us.