Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Serving up the Bird

I hope your Thanksgiving went better than Snoopy's...

Our dinner was served at 6:00 so I had the whole day for crises to occur. Fortunately, nothing happened, unlike last year.

(I got my bad juju this morning, when the toilet backed up. There's nothing like unsuccessfully plunging a toilet full of poo to make your day start off on the wrong foot.)

But the good luck on Thanksgiving day continued and I got the traditional "boy with olives" picture.

Other boys learned new tricks.

I made a low budget harvest wreath.

Now Frank wants to make all our Christmas decorations out of newspaper. Maybe he should have his own bachelor tree in the man cave.


Aunt Snow said...

Hope it was delicious as well as fun!

We visited friends in Seattle, so I didn't have to cook - anything!! I feel so spoiled.

Only problem is - no leftovers!

Tricia said...

I need to show my son these photos. Lots of cool creative tricks for a six-year-old. Hope you are well and not still in a turkey coma.

Pretty Things said...

Oh I remember the boy with olives!

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy holidays!

Happy blogoversary :)