Friday, March 11, 2011


Not just the weather, my brain is a bit foggy this morning too.

Yesterday was a strange day. Chaos at lunch duty, due to a change in schedule. Everyone (grades k through 5) was to have lunch at the same time, in order to have an assembly right afterwards. The second graders would not stop complaining about the change to the smaller soccer field, the too small goals, etc. I finally told them, "If you complain you sit out the game." One of the more vocal kids gave his friends some good advice: "Guys, just deal with it!" My nerves were quivering for hours afterwards.

Just when I was settling down with Frontierville (my little online weakness) at 5:00 the power went off. For 2 and a half hours. I'm ever so grateful to have a gas stove. I was only slightly afraid we would be asphyxiated by my husband's antique Coleman lanterns, so I made sure all the windows were open. It was like camping without the dirt.

When I woke up to a foggy morning, I was relieved. I can ease into the day without the harsh glare of sunlight. I wonder what today will be like. At least it's a short day for me (only 20 minutes of lunch duty) and Frank and I will have our Friday sushi date.

I hope you ease into your day, too.


trash said...

Sadly, woke up to news about Japanese earthquake and tsunami(s) but the day did get better as I spent it with afriend I haven't seen in months. Hope the sushi date goes well.

Susiemweber said...

How scattalogical, dear! You have that with Mozart in common!

Susiemweber said...

Very scattological, dear! But oh so true!! Did you know that Mozart liked potty humor?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

A short power outage is okay, but a long one really does test your patience.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Sometimes I like the power out, but not when I have big plans;)