Thursday, March 24, 2011


Francine spent a lot of time hiding during her first week with us.

behind the piano
in Ernest's closet
under Ernest's bed
behind Ernest's bookcase
in the wine rack
in Handy's closet
in our bed

Do we sense a problem here? Not just with the cat but also perhaps with closets? And Ernest's room in particular, which is a giant rat's nest storehouse.

The first day, I was accused of leaving my closet door open (well, she wasn't there, I found her behind the piano). But my fruitless closet search did inspire me to purge a lot of stuff.

The second day, my crawl through the back of Ernest's under-the-eaves closet (imagine a triangular space), shooing out the cat, was exhausting and excruciating. There was lots of space in there, it was just all jumbly.

I organized it a bit better and shoved some more of his crap in there. And there was still space.

So I crammed in all the Guitar Hero equipment. And there's STILL space! We could probably fit the Taj Mahal in there.

(By the way, I actually got the Taj Mahal out of the living room at Christmas, but it ended up in my sewing room because Ernest didn't have a place for it in his room. I finally shoved some things aside and put it on his dresser last week.)

I'm pleased to say that Francine has made great progress with Frank, the Cat Whisperer, and is no longer hiding.

I have to continue my progress with the closets.

What have you made progress with lately?


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Cat Whisperers, Bakers, Builders, and Ice Cream Makers! What a wonderful family you have.

Jodi Pharo said...

i finished a baby quilt today. pretty excited about that. only five day after the shower!!!

T.J. said...

sounds like the cat is forcing Spring Cleaning upon you ;) I'm not trying to progress with anything at the moment.

Jason, as himself said...

It sounds like this cat is looking for a place to have kittens!