Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Signs of Fall 2015

Just a couple of days before fall officially began, we had Talk Like a Pirate Day. This also coincided with our local weekend festival. As I did my volunteer duty in the Lego Tent, look what I found...

Talk Like a Pirate Day is also known as Frank's birthday. This year he requested pie. This is Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie. Homemade pudding, I'll have you know. Chocolate on the bottom, then bananas, then vanilla on the top. Yummy. 

It is still freaking hot here. This is my last electricity bill. I keep telling myself, "It's always hot here in September," but it seems even hotter than usual.

We are planning a trip to see Ernest next month.


Common Household Mom said...

You have a Lego tent at your festival?! Cool!

I fully approve of birthday pie. It's the best.

Have a fun time on your trip! And, if possible, have fun *planning* your trip.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Birthday pie made with homemade pudding? You are AWESOME!
That bill is nearly as high as the electric bill for my entire building at work! May your weather begin cooling down soon.
I've got 3 more weeks of farmers' market vending, a couple of weekends away, and then I hope to be caught up on reading blogs.

Cassi said...

That birthday pie looks awesome :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

DANG lookit that pie :)