Friday, July 19, 2019

Just Call Me Sweeney

Sweeney Todd, that is, as I did a lot of cutting and hacking.

I bought a slab of New York steak on sale for $4.74 a pound. Out came the knives. None of my knives were sharp enough to cut through a tough bit of gristle under the fat, so I wielded some utility shears too.

I love having the vacuum sealer. I sealed up some leftovers too. The freezer is full!

Speaking of butchery....

You can get a better quality of video on some other renditions, but the LuPone/Cerveris revival is my favorite. Long time readers may remember when Patti LuPone flirted with my husband. And I have friends in NOLA who know Michael Cerveris. Enjoy a little priest....

1 comment:

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

VERY impressive work--the knife and the voice!