Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Not for the squeamish

You might not want to scroll down if you're squeamish.

I'm mostly posting this so I'll be able find it again.  I've been hunting for some old pictures of another squeamish situation involving an invasive rat, and it must have been pre-blog so I have no idea when it happened.

OK I warned you.  I left work at 6:30 Thursday evening after a long bout of vacuuming so I was hot, sweaty, peevish, and glad that my work week was over.

I find this in the parking lot. Note to self, if I hadn't parked in the store's lot, I never would have seen it.

Moral dilemma, do I dispose of it or leave it for someone else. I hunt for a piece of cardboard to shove under it. No luck. Then I remember where the outdoor broom and dustpan is stored.

So I felt pretty proud of myself for overcoming not only my moral dilemma but also my own squeamishness.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good job recycling that cardboard! Rose left me a dead bird the other day and meowed like anything for me to come see it. I made a point to say "Bad girl!" and leave it fora while until she went elsewhere. Then I buried it. A day later she brought me a small mole. I praised her like crazy--YES to rodents, NO to songbirds!!!