Friday, October 17, 2008

The No One Tagged Me Eleven Things Meme

(Does it have a name? This about covers it.)

I saw this at Blackbird's and at Barbra's.

11 things about me.

1. Clothes Shop: Coldwater Creek
2. Furniture Shop: Neuvie (although it was Danica House back in the days when we bought the furniture)
3. Sweet: Today it was chocolate chip cookies
4. City: New York.
5. Drink: non-alcoholic -Perrier. Alcoholic - red wine
6. Music: Whatever the kids are listening to.
7. TV Series: Currently watching Pushing Daisies on DVD.
8. Film: I'm eager for "Twilight."
9. Workout: Huh, what's that? I'm totally lazy these days.
10. Pastries: Apricot/Cream Cheese Danish
11. Coffee: Black

Who's next?


barbra said...

Coldwater Creek! I like that place.

Mmmm, Perrier, that's a good one too.

I know someone who would love Neuvie, I think!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Apricot Cheese Danish. Oh, how you taunt me.

Louise said...

I'll reply here since I'm so behind I would never get this on my blog!

1. Clothes Shop: J. Jill (if I have a gift card) in the winter and White House/Black Market (if I have a gift card) in the summer.
2. Furniture Shop: Hand-me-downs and antique stores
3. Sweet: Now and Later's from the Halloween candy bag we had to open for an event Tuesday night.
4. City: New York. (Have to agree.)
5. Drink: non-alcoholic -
6. Music: Classical--favorite is Handel.
7. TV Series: No TV here. No time.
8. Film: I'm eager for "Quantum-whatever... James Bond."
9. Workout: Bike 3x/week 10 miles (school trip) and trying to start weights again TODAY!
10. Pastries: Do glazed donuts count? I never eat them, but I LOOOOVE them.
11. Coffee: EEEK!