Sunday, October 05, 2008

Six Unremarkable Things About Me

Bunny tagged me for this, so here goes.

1. I hate wearing shoes in the house. Like Bunny, I'll slip them off without untying them first.

2. I have to wash dishes in a specific order...first glasses, then plates, bowls, silverware. Same with laundry...whites first, darks last.

3. My house is messy but I am very organized at work.

4. I like getting Christmas newsletters.

5. I can't whistle. Maybe Ernest can teach me. He didn't used to know how, but somehow he taught himself.

6. I can read upside down. Sometimes I do it just for fun.

Tag, you're it!


Anonymous said...

I love Christmas newsletters too!

Unlike you, I almost always wear shoes. Largely because I have a bad Achilles tendon and it's more comfortable if I don't walk around without shoes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this!

Louise said...

Poor Jen. I have the same/similar problem and can hardly walk without shoes.

Christmas newsletters! Yours must be more interesting that some we get! I like a few, but a VERY few.