Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Truth in Advertising

I took the day off work today to drive Ernest and 3 friends on a CJSF field trip. (Taking a day off is not a problem, but getting coverage for recess and lunch duty is. Thanks to my compatriots who filled in!) The advisor says she has 61 members -- the most ever!

We took a nice 1 hour 40 minute drive (according to Google Maps) which ended up being 2 hours due to an accident. Then we got on a very cool old train. This looks like fun, doesn't it? Perhaps the "2007" should have tipped me off. What year is it now?
Jolly Jumps - flat. Carousel - not running, although some strong young middle-school males pushed it (backwards was the only way it would go). Haunted Hay Maze - non-existent. Arts & Crafts booths - closed. BBQ sandwiches and other goodies -- closed.

Now to be fair, the ad does say "weekends" but you would think with a train full of 300 school children from various schools, they would have had something else open besides the pumpkin patch.

Then there was the 40 minute train ride back to the station, eating lunch in 90 degree weather, and then the ride home. We just had to stop for smoothies.

Thankfully my carload of boys was very self-entertaining, both ways. Perhaps a few too many Jelly Bellies were consumed at 7:30 in the morning, but I was not responsible for that! Several vicious Snakes and Ladders matches occurred in the back seat. Parents rest assured, all wrestling occurred within the confines of their seat belts.

Ernest did fall asleep on the couch after we got home.


Anonymous said...

At least the boys didn't whine all the way.

Louise said...

That would make me a little cranky! I'm glad your boys were self-entertaining!

Anonymous said...

I would have been ticked off about the whole thing not being what they said it was.
Glad the boys were good for you.

Tricia said...

That sounds like something I'd do, and only realize it was an ad from last year after the fact. Sounds like you had a rousing day in spite of it all.

Hen said...

So glad they were good, mine are beastly in the car!