Saturday, June 20, 2009

Recap of Another Day

We had a wonderful breakfast at Esau's Cafe. Excellent food and service. The Handy Husband could not finish his Bacado Omelette! (I was wise and substituted fruit for the hash browns. I'm not that diet concious -- I had corned beef hash which had its own potatoes.)

We decided to skip the parade. Yes, we did go to the beach. And sat on a bench and watched a flock of pelicans fly overhead.

For a gorgeous photo of pelicans in flight, look here.

We looked at iPhones. We were tempted. When we picked up Ernest and found he had cracked the outer screen of his phone, we decided to buy the new phones so we could give him one of our old phones. But unfortunately, we found out we're not done with our committment to the old phones and the price would be $299 each instead of $99. Ouch. So we're still waiting, and Ernest doesn't get a hand-me-down, either.


Jen on the Edge said...

Sorry about the phone, but HEY, you got to go to the beach!

Louise said...

LOVE corned beef hash! LOVE the beach. Bummer on the phones.

dkuroiwa said...

I look forward to so many things when we come "home" during the summer, but...I think that 'going out for breakfast' ranks up there in the "top 5"!!
too bad about the phone, but yeah...the beach!!

jenn said...

Ernest must have been bummed! I love that pic of the pelicans - gorgeous.

Vanessa said...

Beach is awesome! Cracked phone is not. Hopefully the contract ends soon.

Tricia said...

The sounds wonderful.