Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Second Day

We went to San Diego on Thursday. Our first stop was Mission San Diego de Acala, yet another mission I'd never seen. That's something to add to my bucket list: visit every California mission. This was the mission I had to build in 4th grade! We made our own adobe bricks, using a mold built of popsicle sticks.

And yes, I found the right place. Hi, Cheri!
Now, I really owed my husband some man-friendly sightseeing. I like old things, so missions and museums are just my cup of tea. But the HH needs to see something mechanical every so often. So our first stop in Balboa Park was the Automotive Museum of course! I learned there is a difference between a hot rod and a street rod. Hot rods are old things--1949 or earlier. This car is neither, but he likes it! Sweet dreams, honey! (Truly, he's going to build his own car. Posts on that later!)
We also went to: Air and Space Museum (car guys seem to like airplanes too), Natural History Museum (the Body Worlds exhibit was incredible -- the HH really wanted to see it, but admitted to being a little freaked out afterwards), Timken Museum (Beautiful and FREE!), and the Art Museum (the Richard Avedon photographs are a must-see). And then we were tired. Darn it, we missed quite a few other museums.

This multiple-didgeridoo-combo is the most unique instrument I've seen in a long time.

After all those museums, our feet hurt, so we rode the park trolley back to the parking lot. Still smiling.

We checked into the Hotel Del Coronado. We had stayed there for one night, oh -- about 20 years ago! (And paid cash, which even 20 years ago freaked them out and they had to find some special form to deal with it.) This time, the credit card was well used.
We drove by many appealing restaurants, but since our feet hurt we had dinner at the hotel. Yes we had food, too, but the drink was just so pretty!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I love missions too--and the Timken is great.

One of my Balboa Park faves are the mosaic sculptures. No Richard Avedon for me yesterday--closed on Mondays. Duh!

Jen on the Edge said...

I think San Diego is such a great place. I can see why people live there.

barbra said...

Wow, you guys sure know how to see a city!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time. All I've seen lateley are corn and soybean fields!
My niece worked in San Diego as a traveling nurse. It was her first city.

Susan said...

I miss San Diego - I keep hoping my husband will conder going back for "retirement".

My Grandpa visited all the missions in CA ad then went on to New Mexico, too.