Monday, January 11, 2010

Things I Shouldn't Do?

Yahoo just had an article about things men shouldn't ask women to do. It's been so long I don't remember if my husband ever actually asked me to do these things or if I just took over...but I am guilty of the top 4:

#1. His laundry
#2. Buy gifts and cards for other people on his behalf
#3. Plan an entire vacation without his help
#4. Make him a sandwich

And #6 is for the kids:

#6. Be his wake-up call

In return, he takes care of the cars and major home repairs. I think it's a fair deal.


Jen on the Edge said...

I do some of those things for my husband, but he also does them for me, so I think that evens things out.

Jodi Anderson said...

Well, I do my husband's laundry and, when I remember, I make him a sandwich or leftovers to take to the office/shop. But, he often does laundry for me, and when I don't feel like cooking he brings dinner home for all of us.

I think that it really matters how it balances out for you individually and as a couple. It's interesting to ponder though. :)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I do agree with the other commenters-it's mostly about the relationship not being one-sided.

Susan said...

All but planning vacations and acting as back up to the alarm are my domain. I'm not sure why Yahoo feels the need to stir up trouble...