Friday, January 22, 2010

Storm Stories

We've survived our week of storms with very little trouble.

Not surprisingly, I've been too scared to navigate through the teenager's room to search in the depths of the closet lazy to find my negatives of the 2008 El Nino storm, when we lost 5 trees in the back yard.

But this year, in 5 days of storms, I am thankful that all our trees are intact, although I see two tipped over down by the creek in the neighbor's yard. (The clean and tidy neighbor not the messy one!)

I had a small leak in the place that always leaks if the wind drives rain sideways into the house.

Around the corner, a fence has fallen over. This house was for sale for ages, was bought a long time ago, and is still vacant. They've had a dead tree for 6 months. Glad it didn't fall over. Wonder when that will get fixed.

The city water meter reader was doing his rounds yesterday when it was raining I passed him I saw the meter hole was gushing out water. Today I saw him with a pump slung across his back. Good thinking!

The kidlets at school must have cabin fever. Why are those huge fifth graders in such a small classroom? Fifth was moved to the lower campus a few years ago. OMG, they can hardly get around the desks. They should be in the larger regular classrooms, not the portables. At least they'll be out of there next year when the new building is finished.

We had several breaks in the storms, so Ernest and McQueen seized the opportunity for bike rides. They came home either muddy or soaking wet. Falling in a deep puddle will do that to you. This time, his shoes did not kick open the dryer because I put some old towels in, too.

I'm hoping for some clear weather this weekend...McQueen has his birthday party tomorrow and Ernest has a zoo day Sunday.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I've been looking out of my window all week for funnel cakes, um, I mean clouds. Funnel clouds. We had tornado warnings in San Diego!

I'm glad you weathered the weather okay this week. :-)

Jodi Anderson said...

I hope that dead tree in a neighboring yard is nowhere near your house. Unless you're looking to remodel. :D

The weather has been quiet and cloudy around here. I hope that you get quiet weather for the weekend. Enjoy!

Jen on the Edge said...

I'm glad to hear that y'all are okay and that you haven't had any major damage. Stay dry.

Pretty Things said...

OH man, five days?

We're about fifteen minutes away from our own storms -- rain is on it's way and we're under flood watch.