Sunday, March 07, 2010

For Jen

This post has been dillying and dallying and whiling away its time in my drafts area, so the references are a little out of date. But still....I think it's worthwhile.

Here's a shout out to someone who makes my day every time I read her blog, a great friend and blogger: JenontheEdge. We've had a few things in common lately.

Like Jen, I also write on my hands. Only on the front, where I can see it.

That does not stand for Up-Chuck, University of California, Un-Clear, or even Unlimited Calimari lunch, or something else that might be interesting -- it's just to tell me, "Small Town Mom, you have to do upper campus lunch duty at the last minute so you better not forget it!" (I took the photo after I got home.) And there's nothing wrong with a Sharpie, Jen. I used to do belly dance tattoos with Sharpies. The ink comes off nicely with a baby wipe.

The really funny thing is that I scrubbed this note off that night, but the next day? I had to write it again! (We've had a lot of people out sick.)

Jen also had an informative post about recycling glasses. I can barely see out of these but they work OK for the stumbling to and from the bathroom to put in the contacts. I donated 5 pairs of Frank's old glasses to the Lion's Club.

Just recently, Jen saw an interesting Barbie display. Stay tuned tomorrow for my most recent Barbie reaction.

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Jen on the Edge said...

Oh gosh, I'm blushing. Thank you so much for the kind words.