Thursday, March 04, 2010


Frank had some great class trips in middle school:
  • 6th grade - Yosemite in winter. Snow! I know many of you are sick of snow right now, but that was his first time in the snow and it was so exciting.
  • 7th grade - Band trip to Great America.
  • 8th grade - Mexico with his Spanish class. That's when he came back with this hairdo:

Ernest has not been so lucky with his middle school trips.
  • 6th grade - Yosemite trip cancelled permanently because too many chaperones slipped and broke bones the year before. They went to Hollywood instead. It doesn't quite compare.
  • 7th grade - no band trip because the current band teacher doesn't do that.
  • 8th grade - no Spanish trip because there is no Spanish class any more. No Washington D.C. trip either because no one wanted to plan it.

However, the school administration came through and planned a trip to Catalina for the 8th graders. Ernest and classmates went last week and had a great time -- there was snorkeling and kayaking and a lot more. Only, he DIDN'T TAKE A CAMERA! Sigh.


jenn said...

Swapping out Yosemite for Hollywood is the lamest thing I've ever heard of. Slip the chaperones some calcium supplements and tell them to man up.

Jen on the Edge said...

What a bummer about the trips. But Catalina sounds great.

Love the beaded braids.