Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gathering Moss

I feel like I've been gathering moss all winter, like my patio.

I took these pictures in February after our big rain. It's drying up now.

Time to start rolling. I have a head full of plans, but it's so hard to get moving. I'm thinking of: a small vegetable garden in what is now a dried out bed of stunted straggly volunteer alyssum, my topsy turvy tomato planter (do they really work?), and 2 New Zealand tea trees in pots on the front porch.

What are your plans for spring, garden or otherwise?


Jen on the Edge said...

My plans for my garden are huge, as this will be my largest, most involved garden yet. I'm planting more veggies than before and larger quantities. With any luck, we'll feast like kings this summer.

Susan said...

Last year I planted my tomatoes in March and got a very low yield, so this year I am going to wait until the weather is more consistantly warm in April. but I am getting the soil ready and I am planting more herbs. Let me know about the upsidedown planter, I have wondered about those.

I did plant some of my pots with annuals this week.