Thursday, January 20, 2011

10 Little Things: Thing Five

Name 10 little things that make you happy.

Thing number five: Girl Time

I have a husband and two sons, and so does my beloved niece (although her guys are younger). Sometimes we feel the lack of female companionship. So every once in a while (but not often enough!) we manage to carve out what we call "girl time" where we dish and commune and commiserate and whatnot. And perhaps have an Herb Garden Gimlet.

This WAS going to be my happy thing yesterday but she had to fill in for a sick co-worker.

So we have a rain check for girl time and going to see Black Swan!

Enjoy your time!


Anonymous said...

I was sad to miss our girl time too! Friday? - Echo

Fannie said...

My poor husband used to call the neighbors and ask if he could come over when the estrogen level in the house was more than he could bear!

yogurt said...

I luv me some girl time. Especially the one:one where emotional intimacies are shared, be it commiserating or celebrating.