Monday, January 31, 2011

Every day is Caturday!

At least around here!

Homer and Francine spend much time lounging in their kitty condos. Homer is more adventurous and has made several investigative forays around the house. He has also advanced to a few lap sessions, and consented to sleep with Ernest for an hour last night. Unfortunately that gave skittish Francine the opportunity to sneak into Ernest's closet. (The day before, she chose behind the piano as her preferred location.)

So I text the kids Elvis-like updates..."Francine has left the closet." She's the Greta Garbo type.

I gave Francine breakfast in bed in her condo (at 4 p.m.) since she was in the closet for the morning meal. Homer was quite put out because there was no food for him, but jeez, look at the guy. He doesn't need seconds.

He's at his widest sitting down. He's one of those cats who would say, "I'm not fat, I'm fluffy." Yes, he is incredibly fluffy but, no surprise, he's fat underneath!


dkuroiwa said...

i am loving the whole "kitty condo" thing...very coolio!!!
and Homer? oh yeah...that is my kind of cat!!
when he looks at you, do you ever just expect a Garfield-esque comment to come out of his little mouth?? i think i would!!

Pretty Things said...

Vernon looks that wide when he sits down! LOVE the kitty!

slow panic said...

oh no! my cat just caught me looking at your cat photos!! i am in trouble. she also wants to know where her breakfast in bid is...

Anonymous said...

That's one comfy looking cat!