Friday, February 25, 2011

The Other Man

The other man in my life is discreet. He won't come around me when my husband is near. But when we are alone, watch out! He is quite polite. He won't jump on me unless I give him a little boost. And then we have a heavy petting session. And when I say heavy, I mean heavy. Look at my precious fluffy lumpkin.

Homer, my love, my life was so empty (or lighter) before you.

However, he can be a fickle lover. Just yesterday he sat on someone else's feet. (Frank's feet declined to pose for this picture.)

He might need a little manscaping, because that chest hair needs constant attention. And dare I say the D word? A diet. I do wish he had neater, SMALLER, more economical bathroom habits. "Chore" was a spelling word this week, and Mrs. B asked the kiddies what was their least favorite chore. Mine was cleaning the cat box.

This bag of cat litter was supposed to last for 36+ days with 2 cats. It lasted only 25, and let me tell you, it wasn't dainty little Francine who was using it up.

Look at her. She is so shy and scared, I wonder if her previous man abused her. But she allows our men to pet her if she is under the chair. She is the daintiest eater. She will take one piece of kibble out of the bowl, bring it to the floor, and eat the piece completely including crumbs before she goes back for another piece. Unlike Homer, who is all gulp gulp gulp.

And so ends today's tale of Homer and Francine.

Do you have a pet tale to share?


Jodi Anderson said...

Aw, you have such a beautiful pair of fluffers. I love cats so much. (I like dogs too.)

I don't have any particular stories to share, but we do have one dogs, three cats, and a snake. I dote on my little Kin a lot. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

They look so soft and cuddly--I'm glad you're acclimating to each other so well so far. Our dog is slowly learning the Stay command. And begging for food every chance he gets.

Munir said...

Don't you wish some of us humans did that. I mean take a small piece of whatever we are eating, finish with it then take som more as needed.?
Some times we can learn from our feline friends.

Aunt Snow said...

Oh, man! What a handful!