Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Seeing Double?

Ernest finally wore his Christmas socks.

Ugh. The black rug needs vacuuming again. While I've been zipping through the house with my magic eraser (it works wonders on fingerprints around the light switches) the vacuuming has been put off. What excuse can I use?

Oh, here's a good one: I don't want to scare the new cats. Except that won't work because I had to vacuum up cat litter this morning--Homer is overly vigorous in his litter box activities.

What have you been putting off?


slow panic said...

the putting off list is looooong


and on and on and on

Katie's Crafts and Cats said...
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Katie's Crafts and Cats said...

What haven't I been putting off? Oh right, I always find time for crafting; however, studying and cleaning? Not so much. I'm a proffesional procrastinator.

Life with Kaishon said...

Coolest socks ever!

Our kitty goes crazy in the litter box also. What is up with that? SO annoying!

Adventures as a Small Town Mom said...

Those are awesome socks!

I have yet to put clean laundry away for 4 days running now...maybe I will get to them today

Jodi Anderson said...

Sleep. I have been putting off sleep. That is backwards, I know.

Those socks are so cool.

yogurt said...

Cleaning up my office. I'm slowly choking my computer to death with the dust.

yogurt said...

Oh and those socks? Where can I get some of those?

kcinnova said...

I love that picture (and those socks)!

My middle name is procrastination, but the 2 most embarrassing things on the list right now are mailing checks to the bank (for depositing, hello?!?) and scheduling my son's wisdom teeth extraction.
Apparently I am content with doing nothing.

smalltownmom said...

The socks came from the Sock Loft in Solvang.

Here is the website, although I did not see Ernest's socks on the site. They have hundreds more socks than are on the website.