Sunday, February 13, 2011

Non-live grammy blogging

I don't normally watch, but I got sucked in this year. Not really to see Justin Bieber lose (because I already knew it would happen, see below ***). I don't have anything against him, it's just my sons don't like him.

Mostly, I'm STILL waiting for Keef (oops, sorry, wrong Stone) Mick and Barbra.

***But the Grammys didn't start on local TV until they were actually already over. NOT FAIR. At least the frickin' Oscars are on live in the state they originate in. We might be the on left coast but I hate being on the leftover coast.

They're doing the dead montage now.. My back was turned...someone who did My Sharona is dead? I feal really old now.

Mick's on.


OK, he looked like a leprechaun. Green shirt and green silk jacket. He's 67???

Barbra, at last. Evergreen.

Funny, the grammys blocked the mick youtube but not the barbra.

The camera passed by P diddy doody puffy daddy. He looked bored. Cyndi Lauper looked verklempt, bless her little cleavaged heart.


T.J. said...

seriously "My Sharona" member is dead? That's as shocking as hearing recently that The Dave Mathew's Band is 20 years old. Hmmm, how can that be when I remember when they first burst onto the scene?

Susan said...

Did you see Barbra say "i was so nervous!" after she finifhed? she was off mic but you could read her lips perfectly, He voice has held up sooo much better than all the other older perfomers.