Monday, July 14, 2014

Gyoza Soup

Leave it to me to make soup on a 90 degree day.

It actually was a light and tasty meal, and didn't make me sweat any more than usual that day week.

We can thank Frank for the idea.

  • Chicken broth, flavored with: soy sauce, mirin, pepper, and ginger
  • Veggies: carrots, snow peas, mushrooms, green onions, garlic, cooked in the broth.
  • Trader Joe's Shrimp Gyoza, thawed in the microwave and added at the end, so they wouldn't get too mushy.
  • Bean sprouts sprinkled on top.
Frank said it tasted just like he imagined.  He can make it next time!


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

This is inspired! I am so going to make this even if it's 90 degrees.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh MY :)