Friday, April 17, 2015

A Life in Cakes, or Happy Birthday Ernest

Since Ernest won't be home for his birthday, I won't be making a cake. This makes me a little misty. I promise there will be a belated cake when he is back in May.

To tide me over, here are his birthday cakes back to before there were digital cameras number one.




16 The cake is not a lie.

15 (Three cakes! How lucky!)





10 Another three cake year! Well, two and a pie. Those candles got a workout.

9 The year of the Magic Show.

8 The masterpiece for the family party.

And for the big outdoor party, Looney Tunes.

7  I copied this cake from the Birthday Express Catalog.

6 The infamous Harry Potter cake.

5 Scooby-Doo

4 Nananana Batman!

3 Curious George celebrates #3.

2 A pretty cake for #2. Yes you can touch the frosting.

1 Not so fancy, but it was only the first birthday.


Jen said...

Wait, Ernest isn't called Ernest? I didn't realise! *looks embarrassed*

Jenny Hart Boren said...

He's such a cutie! And those cakes, my goodness!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Happy birthday, Ernest!

PS: I spy cakes in the image of Homer and Francine.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Happy birthday dear "Ernest!"
That's some parade of cakes over the years--and one super-duper cute kid.

Jennifer Denise Ouellette said...

This is SO cool! Happy Belated Birthday to you and your boy!