Thursday, April 16, 2015

(Too) Hot and (Not) Sour Soup

I was craving Hot and Sour soup so I picked up a container at a local restaurant. As I was trying to pour it in a bowl, I splashed my finger. Yowtch! I dropped the container like a hot potato and was lucky it landed upright.

After seeing to my finger, I thought, "Damn! That soup seemed extra hot." So I took its temperature.

195°! OMG! And that was after the journey home and the finger cooling.  Does it have to be that hot? No. 

Here's our food safety lesson for the day. 

(Guidelines from

Heat to 165°, hold at 135°

But what about 195°?

Pretty much instantly. I was very lucky. 

The funny thing is, when the soup had cooled enough to eat it, it wasn't even sour. I had to add some vinegar and soy sauce. 

If you're eating soup today, please be careful!


T.J. said...

What the what??!!!!! And your story is all the more poignant being that it was hot and sour soup and not chicken noodle or something.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

This is why McDonald's was sued for hot coffee burns... and possibly also why I ended up drinking a can of V8 for lunch at work today.
I hope you heal quickly from your burn AND that your craving for soup is better fulfilled next time.

Gary's third pottery blog said...