Thursday, November 12, 2015


Continuing on our way to the tip of Cape Cod, we arrived too late at the Edward Gorey House, but I took pictures anyway.

I spy with my little eye...A CAT!

Along the way, I had discovered that I made our B&B reservation for the wrong night! Of course, they had no rooms available on the night we needed and no chance of a refund. So I made a reservation somewhere else. Well the phone was smart but the user was stupid. When we got to the new hotel, me in my ripped pants with jacket strategically tied around my waist, I found I had made the new reservation for the wrong night too. Holy cow, what the heck is wrong with me? Lack of sleep?

Anyway, kudos to dear kind Jocelyn at the Harbor Hotel, which still had a few rooms available. She took pity on my predicament and gave us a suite. Very nice beachy feel, although the upstairs neighbors were rolling their luggage around till 2 am but that's not the hotel's fault.

We were intending to eat at The Lobster Pot, but a 75 minute wait was just too much for me to deal with at that point. We went across the street to the Governor Bradford which had no wait. Lobster photos here! I felt so much happier after the lobster.

We took a short walk around town after dinner. It was chilly! What is that sensation? I hardly remember it.

The Pilgrim Monument.

The hotel had a bar and a cool bartender. We were chilly enough so we didn't hang out at the firepit. There was a decent breakfast buffet the same morning. Jocelyn and the bartender were working in the morning too!

Once again, such a brief trip but maybe another time I can see more.

Then we were on our way back to Boston.


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

It looks lovely, hotel, fire pit, and all.
Your reservations experience may be why I turn it all over to my husband when it comes to planning our annual spring break trek to Tucson. (I'm usually in-over-my-head at work because EASTER.)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh man, SO PRETTY!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What an adventure you had! I like that kind of hotel, kind of old school, wasn't it?
I sure like that Edward Gorey, too. Bummer you missed the tour hours.