Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ernest Experiments

Finding an empty plastic film canister on the pantry floor, Ernest felt a strong desire to perform rocketry experiments right now:

1. Baking soda/vinegar foamed up too fast to launch the rocket.
2. Alka seltzer/water (the classic rocket formula): foamed up more
3. Alka seltzer/vinegar foamed up faster than the classic formula, and flew the rocket
higher. He plans to use this formula from now on.

Ernest has also experimented launching different items in his trebuchet. (Don't worry, we have a large back yard.) These are in order of greatest distance achieved.

1. rock
2. water balloon
3. apple
4. pinecone
5. walnut

(Inside joke: This is the "trebuchet" font.)

1 comment:

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Heaven help me if one or both of my children decide to start blowing things up!

I do so LOVE the idea of having a trebuchet though... I'd be sending dog poop back to the old man who curbs his dog in front of my house. And trash back to the neighbors who don't close their bags on a windy day. The possibilities are endless!