Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In the Navy... NOT!!

A couple weeks ago Frank had a phone message from a lying bastard local naval recruiter. (OK, you can see where this is headed.)

The message said Frank and his friend Jason had called the recruiter, and he went to their school but they were on an assembly schedule and were already gone. I thought that was odd as Frank has often said to hell with he is not interested in joining the military. The recruiter called back before Frank got home, I said we had the message.

When Frank got home, we put our heads together and found 3 lies.

  1. Frank did not call him.
  2. Frank did not do anything with Jason. Jason's last name is alphabetically right after Frank's. (The recruiter was going down a list.)
  3. They weren't on an assembly schedule, they were at school all day.

Interesting. The liar recruiter called again 2 days later. And I told him Frank had not called him. He said, "If that's what you want to believe." Implying that my son is lying to me. I told him, "You're the liar."

You'd think being called on his lies, he would give up. Nope, he called again yesterday. Frank was here and told the liar recruiter, "No, I didn't call you. I did not call you." Sadly Maturely, he did not let loose with some of the great lines he and his friends had come up with. Such as, "I'd love to join the Navy. Do you take bed-wetting pedophilic arsonists?"


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Wow, that takes real balls to call up a kid and swear to his family that the kid had called him.

Mrs. G. said...

Good for Frank! That recruiter better never call my house. I would have so much to say.

Vanessa said...

Good for Frank, that's one sharp kiddo you have!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Whenever anyone calls the house for my son (which is rare, because his friends call his cell), the first question I ask is "Is this a recruiter?"

I would be so pissed!

smalltownmom said...

I had an e-mail from my m-i-l regarding this:

"I read the Navy blog - grrrr. S-i-l has NOTHING good to say about the recruiters and did her best to keep them off of the HS's campus. My smart-ass thought was claiming that Frank & Jason were a committed couple and would share a single bunk. The military is still pretty much homophobic."

Right on mommy-in-law. Frank thought of that response, too.

FOOTNOTE: I respect and honor anyone who CHOOSES to go into the military. What I am so angry about is the bogus, false, lying, mendacious, phony, spurious, unfounded (*) tactics that this recruiter is using.

*Thank you,

(No one's complained about this blog so far...but I thought I should offer this disclaimer.)

Anonymous said...

The liar should be reported to his superior officer.