Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Green Day

My husband and I love concerts. His first, at age 14, was the Allman Brothers. He was my first took me to my first, Blue Oyster Cult. Both at Rob Gym, UCSB. (Sidetrack...Who else did we see there? The Tubes! Anyone remember The Tubes??? "What Do You Want From Life?")

So we were really pleased when our kids got old enough to drag along (we started them early, at 10 or 11), because let's face it: theme parks get old after a while. We've taken our sons to a lot of great shows, but it's been a while since our last major concert.

We were supposed to see Aerosmith last Sunday, but you know what happened.

Thankfully, seeing Green Day Tuesday night made up for that. Although, if I'd know we weren't going to see Aerosmith I would have bought more expensive (closer) seats for Green Day.

Frank had a ticket for the floor. (We had an extra ticket for a friend of his, who couldn't go, and Frank did not find anyone else to take the ticket. Maybe he should have asked harder.) The rest of us had real seats...because my feet get tired! I have no commentary on Frank's experience, except he didn't get trampled and he got back to the car before we did.

The show opened promptly at 8:00 with Franz Ferdinand, from Scotland. Not a group I'd ever listened to before, but they were great. There were random explosions (probably from testing Green Day's pyrotechnics) which made everyone jump, a toilet paper blower (I hope the folks who have TPd us don't get one), and even bagpipes at the end.

Green Day took the stage at 9:11 and they TOOK OVER. This was their last US show, and I have never heard a band express so much pleasure over their audience ("this is the most people we've had on the floor the whole tour") and their location ("Los Angeleez!"). Billie Joe said they were going to play all night and they did, literally, till midnight. So much for getting home early!

My husband says: "I loved the cadence of his voice and his crunchy, hard guitar." I don't review the was great. You can find lots of clips on YouTube. These are from Tuesday's show. No doubt there will be more later.

The audio on this one is not great, but...what the heck...

This show was ALL ABOUT audience participation. I've never been to a show where so many people were encouraged to crawl up on stage. The security guards, instead of pushing people back, were pulling people up onto the catwalk to dance and prance. Some audience members got special treats: two kids were pulled up to be saved, a boy sang a whole song, and a supposedly 21-year old long-haired blond guitarist, after downing an entire beer, played on Jesus of Suburbia. He was so good, I thought he was a plant! But there's a video of another show, with someone completely different, so I think it's legit.

I met another mom in the frisk line (they were seriously patting us down). Her daughter was 11, it was her first concert, and the mom thought she was old enough to tolerate the "f-bombs." Yes, Billie Joe said FUCK a lot. Constantly! But not in an insulting way like Ozzy.

Summary: We had a great time, I hope I've written something coherent because I'm still functioning on less than 4 hours of sleep, and I'm surprised we couldn't find someone to take the extra ticket. "I don't like Green Day," was the common answer.

I say: "Keep an open mind and you might have a great time!"


dkuroiwa said...

I am oh so very envious or your concert go-ability! :-D
We used to get some good ones here, but

We are of the belief that music totally brings people wonderful that, as a family, you go.
Your family really does ROCK!!
So fun!!

Louise said...

Too much fun! A toilet paper machine? God help us.

Strictly said...

Hey, the lead singer of FF is a family friend, his mum and dad were at my parents' ruby wedding party earlier this month. I'm not saying all Scots know each other, there are 5 million of us after all, but me and Alex are from the same town.

Vanessa said...

Glad you had such an amazing time. I LOVE Green Day and your hubs description is so accurate.

Jen on the Edge said...

I know someone who grew up with Franz Ferdinand and says they're great in concert. I'm glad you enjoyed them. I have two of their albums and even my girls like them.

barbra said...

I like FF and I LOVE Green Day! I really wanted to go to that concert :-( :-(

Pretty Things said...

You would so laugh your ass off at my first concert, at age 15. Barry freaking Manilow, thanks to my boyfriend. Nice concert, actually. But looking back, not something I am terribly proud of. Fifteen going on forty-five or fifty?

I progressed, though -- next one was Dave Matthews, free tickets and back stage passes, near front-row seats, and a lengthy chat with him afterwards about books. He has some long eyelashes and killer eyes and is smart for acting so -- free on stage.

Susan said...

I am so old that The Tubes played in my high school gym.

I don't enjoy the loudness anymore - so I would have passed on the ticket, too!

Laurie said...

Well, I'm just finding your blog today, and reading about your teens...can't believe you couldn't find an extra body for the extra ticket!

Took MY 15 year old to see Disturbed this past spring...and I was redeemed of my online domino playing when he got to meet the lead singer who used to play in the same league as I do!

We saw Linkin Park last year...which was the prelude to seeing My Fair Lady a week later. For some reason I didn't have to buy him souvenirs from THAT show...but it's nice that he enjoyed both!

Love your blog!

San Diego Momma said...

I would LOVE to see Green Day. Love, love, love.

The way you described it? Next time they're in town, I'm totally going.