Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rental Car Shenanigans

Our insurance company will reimburse us $16/day for a rental car. The cheapest car rental is $18/day for an "economy" car (special negotiated insurance company rate, not the commercial rate). Net price, $2/day. Not too bad, right? We could manage without the extra car but it would require a lot of schedule juggling..."OK, you take this car but you have to be back by x time so I can drive to my appointment." Or, "I'm going to San Diego so I don't care know what the rest of you are going to drive or how Ernest is getting to the zoo." So for a net of 2 bucks a day, we thought -- hey, the HH can drive it to work and that's fewer miles on our own cars. And an "economy" car probably gets really good gas mileage!

Only, they don't have any of the $18 cars. The next cheapest car they have is $24. So we got that for one day and made a reservation for the $18 car for the following day. The next day, guess what? Still no "economy" $18 cars available. The HH complained a lot and so now we have the $24 car for the $18 rate. I wonder if they have any "economy" cars at all?

Even though we now have an adequate number of vehicles, I am vacillating on going to San Diego to meet Debbie at Jenn's house. Oh, I should go. What's a little 4.5 hour drive? But then there's that annoying pain in my neck that keeps bugging me when I drive. No, not one of my kids! An actual pain! I think I'll keep changing my mind until the last minute (or the last 4.5 hours!). That's the way I am.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Nooooo! You can't be in pain! You're coming to my party on Friday.

Car rental places definitely ARE a pain.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Every time at the rental car counter at which I've reserved the economy car:

"Would you like to upgrade to a SUCH & SUCH for an extra $7 per day."

"No, thank you."

"Would you like to upgrade to a SO & SO for an extra $5 per day."

"No, thank you."

"We're out of economy cars, so we can offer you the SO & SO car for free."


Louise said...

GOOOOO! Take some ibuprofen. It will be fun! I'm glad for HH's who can wrangle deals!