Friday, August 27, 2010

And His Eyes Were Bugatting Out

One of the great perks of living in this little tourist town is all the interesting things that pass through. If you're into people-watching, every day is an experience. My husband is a car guy, so he always alert to anything interesting that is parked in the street. When the Mini Coopers first came out, he spotted one and looked it over thoroughly. He was literally crawling under it on the street...crazy man!

Last week, when a Bugatti club appeared at a local hotel, the Handy Husband passed it on his way home, and walked in the house quivering with excitement. Where's the camera? So we went back to take pictures.

The cars ranged from very old and basic race cars,

to ostrich lined luxury,

to the very newest million dollar Veyron.

This weekend he will again be in luck -- it's the annual Wheels to Windmills car show and the town is already filling up with cool cars.


Jen on the Edge said...

Wow, that last car is sexy. Even I am impressed.

Anonymous said...

Big D had a quivery moment with the Bugatti club too. He went over and shmoozed with the owners who enjoyed showing off for a curious young man.

jenn said...

I would absolutely drive that first one, although it wouldn't be the most practical choice for Maine, would it?

Susan said...

The Good Guys shows come to town several times a year so we see all kinds of custom cars - but those are really special!