Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ready for School?

Ready for School? I think some of you are quite ready.

But my answer to that would be a big, loud, resounding "NO!" My sons have been wonderful companions this summer and all that childish bickering is thankfully years in the past. They are helpful and considerate and I am one lucky mom. And Frank's strawberry ice cream is on the menu tonight.

But I still feel I haven't had enough summer!

I have to go in for a meeting on Friday, then back to work Monday the 23rd. Frank also starts that day. Ernest is gleefully gloating because he doesn't start until Monday the 30th (with an all-day orientation on Saturday the 28th but that will be part play because he's supposed to bring swim trunks).

Where did that darn summer go? Summer, hello? How did you sneak by so fast? It's not fair. I want more.


jenn said...

You know my thoughts on this one! My kids need a return to routine and some time apart from each other. Me? I'm mostly looking forward to the fall weather and getting back to a regular exercise routine.

Pretty Things said...

This summer FLEW by and it's the first summer that I remember that happening. Does that mean I'm getting old?

Jen on the Edge said...

None of us here are ready. However, regardless of how we feel, school starts this Wednesday. This summer was just not long enough.