Saturday, June 08, 2019


I had a woman Scream. In. My. Ear. on the phone when I told her the price of a book she wanted us to order at our independent book store. “But I saw it on Amazon for..,” I said: We can’t possibly match their price. Go ahead and order it from them. Sputtering, she said, “Well but but I want to support you but I’ll have to think about it.” Well, I’m not paid a lot but she wasted at least $4 of my time. 

Amazon does not have people who will coddle you when you ask what books a 2 year old would like. And wow, how anciently gendered are you that you must have gender specific books for a 2 year old. It had to be a boy book.  And then the 4 year old girl could not have a book with a boy in it. These were specifically Valentines books so yeah, not a huge selection. And then we had to look at the books in the window and coming back into the store she had to know how often we watered our flowers. And that’s when I said Ma’am, I just don’t know about the watering. 

Ooh, my coworkers know if I start ma’aming I am pissed. 

Amazon wouldn’t know how often the flowers were watered either. 


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

People like that deserve a slap on each cheek.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I expect to pay more at our healthy independent book store, and I pay it gladly.