Monday, October 13, 2008

Typically Atypical

This day was a combination of the typical and the not. Typical is in regular font, atypical is in italics

The Handy Husband's alarm rang at six

I had slept the whole night through. I tried to sleep through the number of times he hit the snooze button, and his shower

I crawled out of bed at 6:45, and made Ernest's lunch

I also made Frank a sandwich, because I am nice.

It was freaking cold last night. That will soon become typical.

Why didn't our heater go on?

I asked the HH if he could check the pilot light. It doesn't have a pilot light, you just have to change the batteries in the thermostat... But the batteries still work, said I. They don't have enough power...(a pause while he tinkers around)...OK, it does have a pilot light. I just have to click this piezo[jargon jargon jargon]... The piezo[thingy] isn't working. He got a match. Voila, heat. (Normally, he would have been gone already. But he had a dentist's appointment.)

I looked at the stuff on Google Reader. Gaaaahhhh, I forgot I signed up for Mrs. G's typical day.

Ernest petted the cat. It's his calming, meditative time.

Ernest, time to get ready.

Taking sax #5 to school.

These buttons were very important this morning. Seat heaters. Ahhhh...

Time for my breakfast. Really nice leftovers. I usually have cereal or eggs.

Room 8 did not pay attention. Also someone didn't make it to the bathroom in time.

Deja vu all over again.

Room 9 interrupted. Again.

You've heard that before.

When I got home, I wondered where the mail was. Hours later, I realized it was Columbus Day and there would be no mail delivery.

Since I ate leftovers for breakfast, I treated myself to tacos at lunch.

I looked at Google Reader. Gaaahhhh. But you know I always look at YOUR blog first! ; )
I went back to Room 9 to clear up some miscellaneous math, and work on our scarecrows for the Scarecrows on Parade contest next weekend. I'll post pictures when they are done. Ernest and the Handy Husband made some excellent scarecrow skeletons. They are the go-to-guys if you need that kind of stuff.


Ernest started on his homework. OK, confession time. I do allow him to have the TV on while he does his homework. Because he is really good and smart and the homework gets done despite the TV! He is so good now. Will he become evil as a teenager?

As I'm typing this later [live blogging here, wow, aren't I trendy?]. Frank is saying SpongeBob has some dirty jokes in it. Something about Patrick in a hospital gown and SpongeBob with a rubber glove. GGGaaaaaaHHHHH. It's INNUENDO, Frank. If you don't already have a [insert derogatory word here] mind, you won't get it. I guess Frank does.

I went to the store because we were running low on Waffle Crisp, among other non-necessities. I usually shop at a smaller, family owned market. But they do not have Waffle Crisp. I have to go to Albertson's for that. I usually enjoy the drive down the tree-lined highway except at this time of day...driving past the light flickering between the trees has the same effect as a strobe light. i.e. making my head explode!

When I got home, I contemplated the mess in my garage. See anything you want? I have to get rid of all of it.

I had to wash this shirt 3 times to get out a mysterious grease stain. But again a confession, I think leaving the Spray 'n' Wash on too long made its own stain. Finally, after 3 washes it is clean. This is Ernest's "work" shirt, that he wears to Theater Gone Wild at the zoo. MUST...BE...CLEAN!

Also, the cat MUST BE FED!

Then I turned these mudane ingredients (that's leftover london broil in the baggie)...
into a delicious chili .

I had a Mother's Little Helper...

while I sat down to compose this post.

What comes next? I don't know. Frank and Ernest are playing WoW (not together). At least Frank is in the same room with us. The Handy Husband worked late and is on his way home. The chili is ready. It's 7:00. We need to eat SOON. Ernest plans to watch a Brand*New*SpongeBob at 8:00.

The evening is winding down. Have a good night, all. Here's an oldie to send you off.


Vanessa said...

You only had 29 items in your reader? A day ago mine was over 800!

jenontheedge said...

I had no idea that it gets so cold at night in your area!

Karen said...

Those tacos look delicious, did you make them or go out for them? YUM!
And I too forgot it was Columbus day and took a picture of my mailbox. Seems we have a lot in common.

Tricia said...

I also forgot it was Columbus day and couldn't figure out why no body was at the drive up window at the bank. My first though was holly cow, has this bank gone under?

I love the jargon, jargon from your husband. I get a lot of that too, mostly about photography and I nod my head and say, "oh yea" a lot.

Bunny Bunster said...

I'm addicted to the heated seats in my vehicle.

Nora Bee said...

Thanks for the look into your daily life! What a thrill, for real. Like looking in other people's windows in the evening.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I want you lunch--that looks delish.

Louise said...

I laugh at Rooms 8 & 9. Doing volunteering at school myself, maybe I cry for you, actually.

And what's with the bathroom problem? I've never heard of that happening at "my" school. Each classroom has it's own two bathrooms (boys and girls), however, so maybe that prevents some problems.

Impressed with the chili from leftovers!