Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If You Give a Boy...the Sequel!

If you give a boy a rolling pin, he might make Pie. Especially if he is wearing a Pi shirt.

If he makes a pie, he'll need some butter.

If you give him some butter, he might stack it up before he mixes the dough.

If he mixes the dough, he might eat some.

If there's any dough left, he will roll it out.

If he rolls it out (with the rolling pin you've already given him), he might make some filling.

If he makes filling, it will be pumpkin.

If it is pumpkin, he will say yum.



Jen on the Edge said...


I have one bag of pumpkin puree left from last fall and I'm thinking of using it to make pie.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It's still too hot here to think about pumpkin pie, but hopefully before too long . . .

Susan said...

My son has the Pi shirt, but so far, no pie.

Pretty Things said...

That is so awesome.

Rick's oldest boys are 24 and 25 (will have b'days in a month, I just realized!) and whenever they come home, they make a pie. I don't know why. They make a pie. And it's always divine.